Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dad's Special Strawberry Pancakes

Do you love pancakes? I do - they are truly a comfort food from childhood days. Every so often I make them for breakfast on a Sunday. I love them with blueberries, bananas, pumpkin butter, lemon juice... gosh, I guess I like them no matter what the topping! This past Sunday I made them with a special topping that my dad used to make when I was growing up. It's super simple:
  1. Clean and wash a basketful of strawberries
  2. Cut them into halves or quarters and place in a bowl
  3. Mash them up until juicy (use that old hand masher you have in the back of your kitchen tool drawer -- you know, the one you used to mash pototoes with...)
  4. Add enough half and half to the consistency you like. I add about one cup to one and a half cups
  5. Add enough sugar to taste. Note: you may not need much so just add a half a spoonful at a time. I only add about less than two teaspoons but you may like it sweeter. I try to keep it as natural as possible.
  6. Let it set to room temperature and pour over hot pancakes
  7. Yum - enjoy!


carole said...

Hi Sharon:
The pancakes look scrumptious!!! I will try them soon. I use to go to the Home Plate on Lombard by Pierce in San Francisco to eat his carrot buckwheat pancakes and his fresh daily, raspberry scones.
Does Nip like the strawberry & cream topping?
Have a nice day
peace & hugs

Diana said...

WOW, I'm glad I check this out. I love this will definitely try it out.