Saturday, June 13, 2009

6 Uninteresting Things That Make Me Happy

Carolyn of Little Bear Studio recently tagged me to play along with "6 uninteresting things that make me happy". So here I go....

1. Gracie when she curls against me in bed each night. I know it makes her happy, too.
2. Receiving a surprise in the mail. Whether it's a postcard or package, I love getting mail. I have to admit, it's always a thrill to get something unexpected in the mail such as these yummy items my sweet friend Carole recently sent me.
3. Finding the perfect photo opportunity. It can be as simple as a piece of fruit, a pile of leaves, or a bouquet of flowers.

4. Lake Champlain milk chocolate with sea salt & almonds. Let me say that I'm a dark chocolate person all the way, but this bar tastes just like dark and the combination of chocolate and salt is fabulous.

5. Spotting wildlife in our suburban town. We adjoin the San Francisco bay, so we have a lot of different birds. However, we also have hares, skunks, raccoons and more. There is even a large population of Canadian geese that stopped halfway on the migratory path and have made this their home.

6. Wearing my dainty pink suede shoes. Well, really it's wearing anything pink that makes me happy.

Now I must tag six others to play along, if they wish. I am tagging:
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To play, blog your six items, then pass it along to six other bloggers. They just need to link back to you, blog their six items, tag six others and so it goes!

Have a great weekend!


Queenmothermamaw said...

We call this 6 uninteresting things that make me happy, but I betcha everyone has a similar list. So that is interesting to me because it is about YOU. Will do. Blessings

kana said...

I like your list! I will do mine later this week.

carole said...

Hi Sharon:
Of course I will do a post on 6 uninteresting things that make me happy; sounds fun.
That is a super photograph of Miss Gracie.
I have been with 2 of my daughters this weekend and today my oldest and I are going to see about some yard sales : )
Take care and I will do the post tomorrow.
Hi to Tina

rochambeau said...

Lovely Gracie!
And Beautiful pink swede slippers!
Not uninteresting to me, not one bit!


Pinkie Denise said...

Hello Sharon,
Thank you for tagging me, I loved reading about you and love those beautiful pink shoes! Pinkie