Saturday, May 2, 2009

National Scrapbooking Day

In honor of today, I'm posting a page I made a while ago about my pink-accented room. I'm not scrapbooking today, but I am taking photos. I've taken a couple of hundred so far and I'm finding it is really hard to narrow down which to keep. Since the files are so big, they begin to take up a lot of room on my hard drive so I like to delete those I don't want to keep. I think the answer is actually a larger hard drive!

I was shooting cookies again today when Gracie, who was sleeping in the next room with the door closed, smelled the cookies with her kitty super-nose and came in and jumped up into my shooting area again. For a while, I had to contend with keeping her away from the cookies but she managed to snag a bite out of one, thus ruining my "perfect" cookie. Not to worry though, as last night I purchased three gorgeous cupcakes from Whole Foods Market just to photograph. My sis was all for it as she is the one who eats them (not counting Gracie!). I'll be photographing the cupcakes this afternoon when the light moves to the other side of the house. What are you doing today?

1 comment:

Stacy Hamby said...

I love pink too and I only get to use it for pages about me.

I love your kitties, so pretty!