Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Miss Gracie

Here's my Miss Gracie, (a kitty hello to Carole!). She's looking pretty fabulous here, posing for a few pictures for me. And below is Gracie with her very favorite toy which we call the mousie-pole. This is her new one. We brought it home recently and she squealed when she saw it sticking out of the bag. Each morning we must play with it before I can go to work. She runs after it, jumps in the air and grabs it with her paws. She rolls on the floor with it back and forth. She puts it in her mouth and drags the pole from one room to another. She drags it and places the mousie behind a curtain, under a tablecloth, in the cat cabana or in a box. This morning I woke up and it was on my bed with us.

Once it's in her mouth, I can see her thinking as she decides where or what she's going to do with it.

Well, there's a box nearby. Why not drop it in the box?

Great idea!

I might just sit in here with it. That is, until someone picks up the pole and flings it around. And on and on, until the human is worn out. There's always tomorrow...


cindyn said...

She is ADORABLE!!!!! Aren't cats and their antics the best!! My kitties are getting up their in age so they don't play as much but every now and then I will find my calico Rosie wrestling with the rugs in the bathrooms. Hilarious!!

carole said...

Hi Sharon:
My, my Miss Gracie certainly is photogenic!!! She is so beautiful; I love her white marking under her little nose!!!
Meow back to you Miss Gracie : )
Her mousie-pole is cool

Laura K. Aiken said...

My Gracie says hello to your Gracie! She is beautiful. I love the mousie-pole. Humm maybe I should try that too. My Gracie like the lazer thingie.
I also love the way you frame your photos with the swirls. Trying to figure out how you do that. :)
Happy Weekend

Sharon Giordano said...

Hi Laura!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I think my Gracie is beautiful too but all mother's think that (even if I am just a cat mom)! I do have Nipper who is the lazier cat. She just sleeps all day long. I just think Gracie is too darn intelligent and that's why she likes keeping busy doing things!

About the swirly frames.... I do them two ways:

I used swirly brushes in PSE 5. I bought most on the 2peas digital products shopping area. They are in the Rhonna Farrer kits - I really love her style. So I just open a photo in PSE, load a brush and stamp the edges.

The other way is using brush or ping frames I bought. For these I use a lot of Karen Russell's digital frames that are sold on Polka Dot Potato. I really love her style, too. So here I just open my photo in PSE, the open a frame file and place it over my image.
Both are super easy and I love the way they look. It just gives it a little something extra. Try it!

Thanks again and have a great weekend, too.


Olga said...

I love cats! Your cat is so cute!