Sunday, May 10, 2009

Muffy and Bear Have a Tea Party

Miss Muffy and Bear are having tea today. Miss Gracie was not invited but she decided to crash their tea party. She awoke from a nap in the sun when she smelled the cupcake. Miss Muffy and Bear, being the polite guests, allowed her to have some frosting. Then it was back to some conversation about their friend, the gnome, who often looks after them. They thought this was a fine was to spend the day. Happy Mother's Day!


Eugenia said...

What a yummy looking cupcake. :) I bet Miss Gracie enjoyed her frosting!

carole said...

Well, it appears you had the party to be at Sunday!!! I know Gracie used a soft purrr to gain the invitation from Miss Muffy and Bear. How fun that your Mom enjoyed the sumptuous meal while a tea & cupcake party was going on
: ) Mr. Gnome has a rather stoic facial expression : )
I wish I had been a guest too : )