Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

In honor of Memorial Day, I've posted a picture of my Uncle John somewhere in the Pacific on August 9, 1943 (he lived to age 74). My dad was serving in Europe during this time; unfortunately, I could not find a picture of him during his Army days. Each Memorial Day, I usually watch a few old war movies on TV; it always makes me think about what my dad experienced as a young man. Yesterday, I watched six episodes of the World War II series Band of Brothers. I was emotionally exhausted by the time it ended. No matter how many times I watch these movies, I am always affected by them.

I've read that many young people today are not familiar with the Second World War. There is much to be learned from that war; it's a shame if the history is not passed along. I can only hope that they hear the amazing and inspiring stories of the men and women who both fought and lived through that era.


carole said...

Hi Sharon:
What a handsome man!!! Yes, it is sad the young people do not pay attention to the history of our country as much as we did. I get emotionally involved in movies and books too.
Nice post. have a lovely day.

kana said...

Thanks for sharing his photo, quite a handsome man!!