Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Decorate, Do You?

Do you like to decorate? I do. I like to decorate big and small. That is, I'll decorate a room or I'll decorate a small object. I made this scrapbook page above to record how much fun and joyful it is to decorate something. There's nothing like the feeling when you've completed something and it really resonates with you. I decorate to make my living space cheerful, beautiful and inspiring. Sometimes it takes a long time so it's often a work in progress until something just clicks. And then every so often the need arises to change things up.

I enjoy decorating my front entrance outdoors. There, you'll find many of my statuary friends. Included would be bunnies, gnomes and fairies. Sitting amongst the plants and flowers, they just make me happy.

When I create something, I never consider it finished until it's decorated properly. People normally know when a card or letter is from me because no envelope arrives without decoration of some sort. Shouldn't all mail be happy mail?

If my cats would let me, I'd decorate them too.


Suz said...

Nice layout. Your cats better look out

:: gingerkitty :: said...

Like you style
living creating & appreciatingmy blog
I design for Color Me Daisy

carole said...

Uh-Oh, Run, Nip & Gracie : )
I really like your bunny.
I wish I lived close to you you could teach hoe to do scrap book pages. I need to learn so I can make a page for my Grand daughter for her first birth photo.
Yes, to all mail should be happy mail!!!
have a slow peaceful weekend.
Hi to all of you : )