Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Garden Days

I spent three lazy days this Memorial Day weekend. Even the garden fairy spent her days reading her books. I spent one whole hour today just searching for my passport. Why? Because I heard on the radio today that starting in August the name on your plane tickets much match your I.D. exactly. Since my driver's license doesn't match exactly, I decided I would get a new driver's license.

You must bring other forms of I.D. to the D.M.V. so I wanted to check out my passport just to make sure the name was correct. The funny thing is that when I was organizing my art and craft space last March, I just happened upon it in a stack of papers. I could not have told you to save my life that it was there. So I was very happy that I discovered it. However, I did not put it back in it's correct place (that would be a file titled "passports" in my important papers box). So, I looked in every logical place at least three or four times.

Later today, I was doing something totally different and putting some papers away when I happened upon it in a basket that I had actually looked through earlier (even though it should not have been there). Lesson learned: put things away where they belong and don't wait until later!

Now, I can make my plane reservations for Silver Bella and know that my ticket will match my I.D. Whew!

These are my tiny roses. I planted them last summer and they are all blooming now. They were not too happy when I had them in the sun but now that they get more shade, I can tell they are happy. I like my plants happy. Happy plants make me happy, too. (So does the gnome).

Since I love my cats so much, I often get cat gifts and people expect to see cat items all over my house. However, what you'll find are lots and lots of bunnies, both inside and out. As much as I love cats, bunnies are just so cute and whimsical that I can't resist them.

Here are two more of my baby roses, just starting to blossom. I also bought two pansies at the farmer's market on Saturday, they are just waiting to be planted in their new home.


carole said...

Hi Sharon:
Lovely post and I am glad you found your passport and everything is in line for you to enjoy your trip to Silver Bella : )
Bunnies are fun too.
Your flowers are happy!!!
Take care

Kerry McKibbins said...

Your flowers are beautiful.
Thanks for the info about ID. I have to change my driver's license. Ugh.