Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Garage Sale Finale

I mentioned that I got some faux food for this wire bowl that I posted yesterday. The apples and ceramic oranges were just perfect.

I could not resist the faux raspberries and strawberries. Not sure where they'll go just yet.

I also got this tea cup with gerbera daisies. The cup is actually white although it doesn't appear that way! Speaking of white, I picked up a set of white sheer curtains as well. You can never have enough sheers.

And now for the answer to yesterday's question about this photo. Did you guess what this is? If you guessed a tic tac toe set, you are right! I wish I knew more this set. I tried Googling it but didn't find anything. If you have any info about them, I'd love to hear it.


kana said...

Love the faux fruit in the basket! You did well in treasure hunting last week.

Ivana Clay said...

WOW!!! You got tons of great goodies! I can't even pick a favorite! But the wire bowl is very cool, and I love the tic tac toe set. I would venture to say that might even be valuable. Let us know if you find any more info out about it! :)

Suz said...

You snagged some great finds. I love the tic tac toe set. That wire bowl looks fantastic

carole said...

Hi Sharon:
What a super post. Thw strawbwrries look edible : )
The rabbits and cabbages are so cool/When you find out more of their history please let us know. I have never seen anything like them. Just think of what a neat hsitory they must have : )
Hi Gracie & Nip

Sharon said...

Thanks for your nice words about my recent finds!

Anonymous said...

I was actually looking to find 3 of these rabbits for my tic tac toe set. The set was given to us about twenty years ago. Needless to say our twin boys have caused some - well - missing rabbit ears. Anyway, the set originally came with an etched glass mirrored board. It is really quite a neat earless rabbits not with standing. Hope this helps.
Sheri Dunlavy

Sharon said...

Sheri, thanks so much for providing more information on my wonderful rabbits. I'd love to see the etched glass mirrored board. Maybe one day I'll come across one on Ebay!