Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Equal Time for Nipper

It has come to my attention that Nip might not be getting as much web time as Miss Gracie. So this one is for the Nip. Isn't her milk mustache just adorable?

The flowers aren't real but did that ever stop a cat from trying?

Darn, I love to lay on my back in the sun.

A classic Nipper portrait.

Yep, this feels good.
Nipper's usual daily ritual:
  1. Ask for the faucet to be turned on to lick the drips
  2. Wait for humans to go into the kitchen
  3. Hop on counter and beg for strawberries
  4. Bump the strawberries with head
  5. Eat chopped berry
  6. Jump down and eat crunchies
  7. Walk to dining room window and watch for possible birds
  8. Get comfortable on sofa and nap until 5 pm


Lisa Renéa said...

Adorable! What a super cute kitty with his milk mustache!

carole said...

Hi Nip:
Thank you for taking time to pose for us : )
Ahh Nip got a post to delight us too : )
She is beautiful!!! I love to watch Cats drink from a dripping faucet; what a great personality and so different they both are!!!