Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Take the Money, Please!

Every time I receive a letter from the IRS or state tax board, I get an uneasy feeling in my stomach. In January, I received a notice from the state of California's franchise tax board. Apparently, I had made a mistake in my 2006 state income taxes. Okay, so I sent them a check. Then in February, I received a different proposed assessment notice about another mistake they found in the same tax form. Okaaaaaay, again. I sent them a check. Last month, I received a refund check for 2006. Thinking it was for 2008, I called them because the amount did not match my expected refund. The person I spoke with said it was for 2006 and I should cash it (which I was more than glad to do so). Last week, I got another letter only this time it was a bit threatening in nature because it said I had only 10 days to pay the last assessment or it might be turned over to collections and a lien could be placed on my home.

Confused again, I called the state. A very pleasant lady told me that I should not have paid the last one so fast because it was only "proposed", not final. Gee, they didn't tell me it was optional! Because I paid so fast, they saw that as an overpayment on my taxes, so they promptly sent me a refund. Except now I owe them again. Even she said she didn't know why the state would do this since it needs the money so badly. So now I must wait for the "erroneous refund" letter to come in the mail and then send them a check back for the amount I originally paid them. Are you still following this? Hopefully, the next check I send will put an end to this! Have you had any crazy experiences like this? Maybe I should write to Arnie....

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carole said...

Hi Sharon:
I bureaucracy fun or what? I would have pulled all of my hair out!!!
I do NOT have a high level of a stress threshold : (
In fact stress and not being able to deal with it correctly is why I had spine surgery.
You sound quite mature.
Have a great day.