Saturday, May 16, 2009

Chocolate Rose Cupcake Delight

She did it again. My sis found this most gorgeous of cupcakes at Whole Foods Market this week. Knowing I would love to photograph it (and she'd like to eat it), she brought it home.

So I got out all my gear to shoot it upon arriving home from work while I still had light.

But of course, who followed me all around? Miss Gracie! Once again I had to multi-task to get the shots and make sure she didn't eat it!

Gracie managed to get just one very tiny lick in (cats cannot have chocolate as it's very dangerous for their health). Whew! We have discovered she really just wants the frosting. Go figure.

And I was quite content with my photos. However, I do need to get an auxiliary light since I have light coming from just one window. Nonetheless, I enjoy taking photographs, especially of beautiful subjects.


Deb said...

very yummy!!! i don't know if would have the will power to take the time to photograph it before eating it... it looks too good!!!

Sharon said...

Hi Deb,
The passion for photography was stronger than the urge to eat the cupcake. However, I do hate cutting into them to eat it - I feel like I'm destroying a work of art!

Anonymous said...

I love the border you have on your photos... I would like to know where you found them or did you make them yourself.

Laura said...

that cupcake looks delicious!!! i was wondering about the borders on your photos also. :)

Sharon said...

Hello! About the borders on my photos.... I do them two ways:

Most of these are ping frames I bought. I use a lot of Karen Russell's digital frames that are sold on Polka Dot Potato. I really love her vintage style. I just open my photo in PSE, then open a frame png file and place it over my image. It's that easy.

Another thing I do sometimes is use swirly brushes and/or edge brushes in PSE 5. I bought most on the 2peas digital products shopping area. They are in the Rhonna Farrer kits - I really love her style. So I just open a photo in PSE, load a brush and stamp the edges.
Both are super easy and I love the way they look. It just gives it a little something extra. Try it!

carole said...

Oh Sharon:
I think the cupcake photographs would be cute for greeting cards. Gracie is so beautiful; her little nose just sniffing the rose : )
Nip doesn't like the cupcake scene?
Outside here in Southern California is much like if I were in San Francisco; kind of over cast and cool. Love the weather up North!

Sharon said...

Hey Carole,

No, Nip is not into the cupcake scene - lol! It really does suit Gracie, she is a girly cat like her mama. Nip just loves her Greenies and strawberries. Thank goodness - it would be hard to keep both of them at bay!

Staci said...

Great photos!