Saturday, May 30, 2009

8th Annual Pet Parade

Today was the 8th annual Pet Parade in Redwood City, but my first time attending. What fun! I didn't know what to expect, but it was an afternoon filled mostly with dogs and people. We did see one cat, some gerbils, two bunnies, a rat, and two alpacas, too. It was held near the old courthouse in the old downtown which is actually becoming a spiffy area. There were many vendor booths, mostly catering to dogs. Several rescue organizations had booths including the basset hound rescue which had about seven together in an area. It looked like a herd of basset hounds!

There were also demonstrations with dogs who could jump hurdles and catch frisbees in mid-air. Everywhere you turned people were walking with their dogs, in costume or without. All the dogs behaved quite well. When we got home, we did not let on to Gracie and Nip that we had spent the afternoon with, ...gasp, dogs!


carole said...

Oh Sharon:
I looked at every photo in the slide review!!!
I liked the pom riding in her transportation although the chihuhua in her denimn dress was a close second : )
What fun you had : )
Then to end the day with confetti cake; please always carry your camera : )
Have a nice day

jstpuggn said...

Where are the pugs? Im sure theyre had to be pugs in the crowd! We go to Pugpalooza or pugmania, & pug-o-ween.. Milo tends to get overwhelmed by all the look we dont go that often but the parades are sure fun!

Sharon said...

Hmmm... there were one or two pugs, but they went by so fast and there were so many dogs! This was definitely not a pug event. :-)