Sunday, April 5, 2009

Saturday Adventures

After the big capture yesterday, I got Nip into her carrier (Gracie was easy). Off we went to the vet with little Gracie screaming loudly, and big Nippy making tiny mews. This 15 pound cat has a tiny little voice - once, someone at the vet's office asked me if I had a bunch of kittens in the carrier when they heard the tiny little sounds! We finally arrived, and the office was closed. I don't know if I got the wrong Saturday or if they had to close unexpectedly. So home we went, but first we made two really quick stops at garage sales (they didn't seem to mind too much). After I let them out of their carrier, I went out front to water the plants. Gracie was inside screaming for me to come back into the house the whole time. She was fine when I came back in -- I think she was a bit traumatized by the whole trip to the vet and just wanted to be with her mama.

After Gracie and I spent a little time together, off I went by myself; first stop, Michaels. I didn't see anything that was a must-have, but I really wish they still took coupons for magazines. Onward to the farmer's market. What a goregous day it was there. Our farmer's market is located at a local community college up on a hill. Since it was lunch time, I had a slice of pizza (the nursery man that I bought my plants from last year has been replaced by a gourmet pizza vendor) followed by a berry crepe from the French bakery, Brioche. I only bought oranges and asparagus, but they were in peak flavor and freshness. I did, however, take over 100 photos. If you have a farmer's market near you, you should go there with your camera as it provides a great photo op.

On my way back to my car at the farmer's market, I did a double-take at this car window. This was a real dog happily waiting for its mom or dad to come back. (Don't worry, the rest of the car was in shade and the window was open). He was just too adorable!

After the market, I stopped at Barnes and Noble bookstore to pick up the new issue of Somerset Life. It's absolutely another feast for the eyes! Wonderful issue and so inspiring - check it out if you can. I had a lovely afternoon perusing this issue and dreaming up new ideas.


*Monica* said...

Great photos! I love your blog! Your photography is amazing... I love to see what photos you have taken =)

Sharon said...

Monica, you're so sweet - thanks for compliment!