Thursday, April 9, 2009

New-Found Treasures

Love my new treasures! Last Saturday, I went to a few garage sales looking for "treasures". Garage sale season begins every spring. I wait for it every year after going through winter without any. I went to four of them and two were really good. I got the above stained glass butterfly placque for .50. I thought I would give it to my older sister, but it just might have to stay with me for a while.

The little bird and baby bird in next was another one perfect for spring. I could imagine these little guys taking up residence in a new project yet to be dreamed up.

I'm always on the lookout for napkins at a good price since they are so expensive in the stores. Just .50 each again! The yellow one with the rooster will go great in my yellow French country kitchen.

More nature themed finds... The big ball with mossy stuff on it would look wonderful in my garden but my mom found a home for it by the living room. On of my favorite finds is the set of two cones made from soft, dry-grassy material. And, the bag full of leaves and flowers will make great adornments.

This sweet little sugar and creamer is bone china from England. At $5, I thought it was well worth it. The violets are actually more lavendar purplish which is not a color I have in my home. However, they look so much like the setting that my grandmother gave us as a child that it just brought back sentimental memories. It was the most I paid for anything, but worth it for the nostalgia factor.

Here are the birdies again, sitting in their nest by the crystal swan. Little Sister collects these glass objects so I picked this up for, I think, $1 for her.

The little squirrel was for a co-worker of mine. She called in one day to say she'd be late because a squirrel had gotten loose in her kitchen. It was so crazy, we haven't let her forget it and we leave squirrel presents on her desk. She didn't say anything about him but he's still sitting next to her computer looking friendly enough. I'll check Craigslist Friday night to see if there are any interesting garage sales nearby on Saturday. Not that I need anything, mind you.


Whim & Fancy Designs said...

Hi Sharon!
I wanted to let you know that you won my Blue Horsey Ribbon giveaway! If you would be so kind to send your addy to my personal email, I will send your ribbon on it's way!! I posted you blog on mine so everyone could see your pretties! By the way, I love the caspari napkins, one of my favorite supplies!!!!
Thank you again for participating and have a Happy Easter!
xoxxo, Ann-Denise

Sharon said...

Wow - what a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much, Ann-Denise (Queen of Crepe). I will proudly display the Blue Horsey Ribbon on my new inspiration board.

I had entered a give-away for the Paper Cowgirl Retreat coming up in Texas. The retreat sounds fabulous, so if you live out that way, check it out. And check out Ann-Denise's blog - it is truly a feast for the eyes!

Thanks again, oh Queen of Crepe!