Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Last Minute Photo Shoot

I am really liking Allison Tyler Jones' photography course I'm taking through Big Picture Scrapbooking. Today we had to turn in this week's assignment so I had to pull something off after work today. It turned out I had the most fun doing an impromptu photo shoot with my co-worker Wendy tonight. We grabbed a shawl and walked outdoors to a little alcove and shot about 70 photos.

I was happy that I got some good shots in. The "cheddar bisque" building provided a nicely colored background as well. Wendy insisted she was not photogenic but I found her to be very much so. I hope she likes the photos when I show them to her tomorrow.

I really liked the ones where her natural personality showed through. This last one is one of those. I can't wait for next week's lesson.

I finally got my blue horsey ribbon in the mail today after waiting with some anticipation. I won this gem of a piece of artwork and was so excited to get it. It's really wonderful and I will post a pic of it soon after I've given it its rightful place on my inspiration board.

Last piece of info for today... Gracie now wants popcorn every night. I happened to drop a piece several days ago and she ate it. Now every time she hears the popcorn bag, she runs and sits at my feet waiting for a piece. Last night she even reached into the bag with her paw. I just don't know how she got to be such a snack cat.


scrapper959 said...

Nice pictures! Looks like you had fun.
I have a snack cat, too. I like cereal at night and she knows what the milk container means. of course I always put a drop in her bowl, even though I shouldn't!

Sharon Giordano said...

Thanks for stopping by scrapper959! It is hard to resist giving them something when they look at you with that face - you know the face I'm talking about! I am not giving her any popcorn no matter what! She already gets her pastry!

jillconyers said...

What fun photos! I would love to be able to take a class with Allison Tyhler Jones.

debevans said...

Wish I could take a photo class!!

Thomisia said...

Looks like you both a had a good time with the photo shoot...nice job!

carole said...

Hi Sharon:
Are you a San Franciscan?
I love Miss Gracie.
I am glad you came by and entered the Give Away.
Flowers/Fleurs WoW; my friend blogged as a child she use to take the Virgin Mary flowers and sometimes they were only dandelions; I know they were the most loved.
You are delightful!!!
I use to live on Great Highway in The Outer Sunset. I love San Francisco!!!

Kerry McKibbins said...

These are terrific shots! Great stuff.