Monday, April 13, 2009

Inspiration Board

While I was out shopping last week, I stumbled upon this inspiration board at Marshall's. I had torn out pages of similar boards from catalogs for the last few years, always intending to make one. I have so many wanna-be projects that I should know that it is not likely I would get around to it very soon. So, I decided to spring for it especially since it matched my decor. I'm really happy with it - it looks better than this photograph. I posted up some items on it that were on my plain bulletin boards. I have some new items for it so I'll be changing some things up periodically. After all, a girl needs some inspiration!


Laura said...

love that board! i used to have one, but haven't put it back up. i want to re-do it. :)

Eugenia said...

how cute! :)