Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Update

I received some great news yesterday -- Adorama is letting me return the lens I ordered but turned out to be the wrong one (as written about in a previous post). I hadn't expected it since it was past their normal return period, but since the salesperson did not mention the part about needing the motor in the lens, they are allowing it. This makes it so much easier now as I don't have to deal with trying to resell it on my own. Now, I just need to make sure I get the correct lens (Tamron 28 - 75mm 2.8) and hopefully at a good price. Shout-out to Adorama for the great customer service!

On another note, Art That Happens To Be Your Life started yesterday! I've printed out all the materials and viewed the presentations online, so I'll do the rest of the reading and first assignment this weekend. I'm really excited about exploring more of the artsy side of photography. My workplace is having its annual benefit gala next month which includes an online and silent auction. Some jewelry was donated for the auction, so this weekend I'll be photographing the jewelry to use for the auctions.

I also received a bunch of DVDs in the mail this week that I ordered from PhotoVision recently. I signed up for 2009 series and also bought the 2008 set. They are 2 hours each and based on the preview videos, they seem to be full of great photography information. I'll let you know more as I start watching them.


Suz said...

Isn't it wonderful when we get good customer service!

senovia said...

I love photography. I wish I could take that class. ;)