Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Already

Got my taxes done - yeah! I used Turbo Tax this year; it took a while to complete but it was easier than doing it all by hand again. I worked on it from about 10 am to 1pm yesterday, not letting myself do anything fun until it was complete. I felt a huge relief afterwards so I could get on with enjoying my second day off. Actually, since I was on a roll, I did spend some additional time sorting and filing other receipts and paperwork that had been piling up. It was good to get rid of it as it really just piles up quickly. Then, I took some photos around the house, read a bit and just hung out. It was a perfect day to nest with the overcast skies. Here's Gracie above posing for Easter with the topiary bunny.

Speaking of nests, I have several around my house. These little gems live inside a terrium I found at a flea market a few years back. The yellow background is my wall downstairs. Isn't it cheery?

This one is currently living in my dining room. I love having little birds all around my home.

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