Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cupcake Love

I can't get enough of cupcake photos. I urged my sis to buy these cupcakes this week but only because I wanted to photograph them. I'm really not that big into super sweet desserts, so I didn't want one myself. And, it didn't take much urging since she loves desserts.

But, alas, they called out to me. So I shared the red velvet cupcake with her. The cream cheese frosting was delicious, as was the cake. But, oh, so sweet! I broke out into a sugar induced sweat that stayed with me for an hour after eating half of it.

I didn't touch this one except to place it on the plate! After the half red velvet, I was good for quite a while.
I was more than happy just to take their photos. How much more fun is that?

But, I'm never alone when I set up my shoots.

Well, you know Gracie has to be a part of every photo shoot. Especially if it involves dessert.


jillconyers said...

Great photos. I'm not a sweets eater but the red velvet cupcakes look so yummy and tempting.

Laura said...

those cupcakes look delicious! and gracie looks just as sweet as they do! :)

BonnieRose said...

amazing photos!!!!!
wow.. i'm hungry now!

meg1620 said...

Oh I wish you hadn't posted those. They look fabulous and now I'm craving chocolate!!