Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cookies, Coffee Cake and a Successful Garage Sale

I got lucky last week finding these oh-so-pretty cookies at work. They were leftover from a luncheon, so while others snagged the lasagna and salad, I absconded with these photo-worthy morsels.

Aren't they lovely?

So lovely, that Gracie decided she must have some for herself. See the little white paw at the top of this photo? I couldn't keep those little paws off. She wanted to eat all the sugar sprinkles. I'm sure she would have gotten to the actual cookie had I let her. She really must keep off the pastry. I don't know how she developed that sweet tooth since we never feed her our food.

Today I had a garage sale to get rid of things I've been saving since last Fall for this. I had a very successful day and luckily, I got rid of the large items that were taking up a lot of space. It was pretty crazy initially. I advertised a starting time of 8:30am and people were coming around starting at 7:30am. A few insisted that I had advertised a start time of 7am. I let them know that was not me; it was actually a different house in my city. People were rushing in as I was still setting up. They wanted everything in my garage including my toilet paper!
After closing up the garage sale, my mom, sister and I went out for lunch - we were starving by this time. We went to Hobee's located nearby. When the waitress brought our check over, I noticed she also had this wrapped coffe cake with a balloon attached in her hand. I was thinking it was someone's birthday and she was bringing it to them. Well, all the other servers and some cooks were with her and she handed it to me. It turns out they were celebrating the 35th anniversary of the restaurant and for every check number ending in 35, those customers were given a Hobee's special confetti coffee cake. It was such a great surprise - I only wish I'd had my camera with me.


jillconyers said...

The cookies are almost too pretty to eat...almost :)

sugar_and_spice said...

Those cookies are so cute! I would have loved to win that coffee cake also! Sounds DELISH! :)

meg1620 said...

Those cookies do look great. Good job on the garage sale, those are always interesting! :)

Rozette said...

Congratulations on the confetti coffee cake...uh what is confetti coffee cake. And the cookies look yummy!