Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Big Day Off

I love having a day off. I woke up this morning with Gracie sleeping on me (this isn't any different than most mornings) but at least we got to be leisurely about getting up. I was feeling pretty tired but when I looked at my list of errands, I suddenly got motivated to get out of the house and complete them so I could have some "me" time. So dear sister and I got out of the house early. Our day looked like this:

  • Off to Sears to bring in the vacuum cleaner for servicing. You are supposed to sign in on their computer and then a guy comes out from behind closed doors to take your repair. Well today, I had typed in three letters when two guys flung open the doors and anxiously asked if I was here for a repair. They came out, told me not to sign in and took the vacuum cleaner to see if they could fix it on the spot. While I was waiting, another guy who worked there came by to see if we needed help with a repair. A short time later, one of the original two guys came out saying it might be the motor so they would have to send it out. He was incredibly helpful, courteous and polite. We were laughing because it sure seemed that the staff had some recent customer service training since it was all so over the top. I'm not complaining, it's just that it was so different from past experiences.

  • A few more stops at the Hillsdale Shopping Center... looking for shoes at Macy's (you know the rule -- if you go looking for them, you never find them. You have to go with no intention of buying shoes, then you find three pairs). Of course, I didn't find any shoes. However, I did find but resisted purchasing a pair of green pajama bottoms with brown polka-dots. So fab!

  • A browse through Ann Taylor (nothing new, prices too high); bought some cards at the Hallmark store, then went to Nordstroms for lunch. A whirl through Banana Republic (prices way too high there also) and a stop at Barnes & Noble to look at magazines.

  • After leaving the shopping center, we went to Bridgepoint Shopping Center. I found a framed bulletin board at Marshall's, but not the fitness shoes I was looking for. Bought an ink cartridge at Staples, then picked up a few things at Target. Bed Bath and Beyond did not have the Black and Decker scrubber tool I was looking for so they ordered that for me.

  • We finished off with a Signature Hot Chocolate at Starbucks - yum! Made with European chocolate, it is smoother and less sweet than their normal hot chocolate.

  • Next, we went to Costco so I could buy TurboTax to do my taxes on Thursday (what a way to spend a day off!) and picked up a chicken while there. One more stop at the post office to buy stamps (remember, the price increases to .44 on May 11!) and finally home where some sleepy cats were waiting for us. Hmmm -- or maybe they were waiting for Greenies....

Whew! It's good to get errands done, but gee, it's takes all day. So Thursday is a stay-at-home day. The drudgery is the taxes, the fun part is that we get our next lesson in week 2 of Art That Happens to be Your Life. Can't wait to get started on that!


Ivana Clay said...

Sounds like you got a lot done! I think Starbucks would have to have been my favorite stop. YUM! :)

Thomisia said...

OK, your errands made me tired...whew. LOL. Good you got a lot accomplished.