Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Beautiful California Sunset

Today it was 87 degrees. Late this afternoon, an amazing cloud formation appeared.

As it got darker outside, the sky began to turn pink and blue. These buildings belong to Oracle, which is headquartered near these wetlands.

And as it got even darker, the cloud formation began to take on an orange glow.

Even though I had been outside walking earlier, I had to run back out with my camera to photograph this incredible sunset.

I ran all around my block trying to get shots that were not blocked by houses.

Half of the sky was clear and blue, while the huge cloud formation took on more color and moved across.

It was almost like a rainbow cloud.

But so, so, pretty.


Geri Litzen said...

beautiful shots!!

BonnieRose said...

so gorgeous.. we were in silicon valley a cpl months ago.. love it there! ur pics are amazing!

KarenSue said...


Katie said...

Holy Moly those are stunning!

Laura said...

wow! that sunset is amazing!

Deanne said...


Tijir said...

Beautiful sunset! Thanks for sharing.