Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another Day Off

I had another day off today - I didn't get quite as much out of it as last week because I didn't get a full night's sleep. Consequently, I wasn't feeling very creative today but I did manage to get my car smog certified and pick up my vacuum cleaner from Sears service department. Small gains but I'll take them.

I did manage to spend too much time on the computer though. I keep finding so many more interesting blogs to read and I must spend close to three hours a day (and more on the weekends!) just surfing through those. Do any of you have this issue and if so, how do you handle that? I'd love to be doing other things but the blogs are so compelling. It also takes little effort after a long or intense day at work. That being said, I do enjoy it!


Laura said...

I read lots of blogs too! I subscribe to all of my favorites with Google Reader. I love love love it!!! Doesn't matter if the blog is on Typepad, Blogger, or Wordpress, you just plug the URL in and go there when you are ready to read! It's so easy.

meg1620 said...

I'll second Laura - I use google reader too.

It saves time because I only look at a blog when it's updated.

Sharon Giordano said...

Thanks for the tip about Google Reader - it sounds like just what I need!