Thursday, March 19, 2009

Welcome Spring

As we say goodbye to winter, we welcome spring; a day I look forward to each year. When spring arrives, it means the days are getting longer and gradually warmer. It's time to plant; flowers will be blooming all around us. The ducks are already pairing up and soon we'll see the baby ducklings following their mama around. Light and sunshine will flood through the windows allowing the cats to sunbathe throughout the day. The layers of clothes begin to go away and out comes the lighter, brighter spring wear. There's just something downright happy about spring.


Lorie said...

What gorgeous pictures! We saw the biggest most beautiful butterfly outside today! A sure sign of Spring!

Steph Herbert said...

Such lovely pictures! Don't you just love spring!

Ivana Clay said...

These pictures are spectacular!!! They make me want spring to get to my home so badly! :)