Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tribute to a Crafty Aunt

Where did my craftiness come from? I'm sure I inherited my craftiness from Auntie Rose, my dad's sister. My early memories of her revolve around parties, food and crafts of all kinds. Every Christmas, she would make all her relatives some sort of Christmas decoration. One year we had a full group of choir singers, complete with yellow yarn hair on styrofoam heads, all reading from their sheet music standing in front of our fireplace. It was always a treat to see what she would make each year. I remember that it was she who taught me to knit. I got the basics down but never really went on to actually create anything until I was an adult. She also taught me crochet and embroidery.

Each Halloween, she would dress up in a complete witches dress and hat to answer her door. I'm sure she scared the heck out the little ones. But she was fun. Always busy making something, doing something. She got married at age 16 in the 1930's in the midst of the Great Depression. My Uncle Gene was a wonderful man too, warm and kind. His thing was healthy eating and cooking and it was he who taught me to make a pie crust when I was probably eight years old. I rarely saw my aunt when I reached adulthood, but I thought of her often and cherish the memories of her from my childhood. It was always great fun when the Italian side of the family got together. So here's to you, Auntie Rose, who passed away last Friday at age 86. You made the best applesauce cake and turkey stuffing I ever ate. Buona notte, sweet Auntie.

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