Sunday, March 8, 2009

So Much to Read, So Little Time

Do you like to read magazines? I find I tend to read a lot of magazines compared to the number of books I read. The main reason is that magazines can be digested a little bit at a time whereas a book I feel compelled to finish immediately once I start it. This has led to many days of too little sleep as I read into the wee hours of the night, unable to put the book down. Now, don't get me wrong. I love to read books and have been an avid reader all my life. But in these days where the to-do list seems never ending, it's just easier to choose articles I want to read and know I can get through without devoting hours to it.

The problem comes in with the number of magazines that I actually get each month. Some are my subscriptions and some are given to me by my sister. Each week, I read fascinating, educational and interesting articles that let me know what's happening the world, how I can decorate my home for the current season, what new litter is available for my cats, which foods I should eat to get the most antioxidants, recent discoveries in far corners of the world and new products available that I just have to have for my hobbies.

Whew - that's a lot. I have been tossing the renewal notices that come in the mail for some of them and it's getting a little easier. Now, if I can just stop tearing out the pages of those great articles, I'll save even more time not having to file them all. What have you changed to make more time in your life?

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