Sunday, March 29, 2009

Of Flowers, Ducks and Camera Lenses

On Friday, I finally got my camera back after four weeks being out for servicing. I had been waiting with anticipation as I had purchased two new lenses since it was gone. One is the Nikkor 50mm 1.8 which has received a lot of positive reviews from users of this lens. I did not purchase the one that came out in December that autofocuses on the Nikon D40x since it retails for $439 (ouch!). Instead, I got the older one that's just over $100 but it works only in manual focus. I really don't like manual focusing but I wanted to try this prime lens, so I went for it. I took tons of practice shots yesterday - these flowers are some of them. It will take a bit of practice to be able to use the lens well (I have lots of shots that are not in focus at all!).

So the rest of this story left me feeling really bummed yesterday. The other lens I purchased was a Tamron 2 - 75mm 2.8 and I was super excited about this. I put in on the camera and couldn't figure out why it wasn't autofocusing. I went to my Nikon group on Flicker (because those people can answer anything) and discovered a post that talked about this lens having a version with the motor and one without.

So, duh, I had purchased one without the motor. I had researched this darn lens beforehand and never came across that information. But to make matters worse, I cannot return it because they have a 14 day return policy and I've had it for about a month at this point (I ordered it about the same time I took the camera in for servicing). Lesson learned - never order a lens if you don't have your camera to try it out once it arrives.

I was so bummed, I went to OSH late in the day to buy some flowers. I got up early this morning to take some photos with the new 50mm lens which is what I've posted here. I have to say, the flowers did cheer me up. And, they look great in front of my house.

While I was out shooting the flowers, these three ducks came quacking up the walkway. Gee, it's really hard to manually focus on moving ducks!

The ducks know that my neighbor has these delicious pink flowers in their yard (shown here below). While they did go in to check them out, they walked right out again and focused their attention on me since I must have looked like I had "FOOD" written all over me.

Here they are as I shooed them away (last time they left droppings all over the walkway. Of course, it didn't help that my neighbors had been out there feeding them on our shared walkway).

And here they are coming back again into my front area by my gate. This went on several times.
And here they are leaving again! I do love having the ducks around as we live near an inlet where water comes in from the bay. I just don't want them leaving presents near my door!


Laura said...

the ducky pics are too cute!!! :)

Eugenia said...

What beautiful photos!!! The ducks are so cute. :)

NancyJones said...

awww what great photos love the duckys. can you not sale the lens and then buy the one with the motor? or trade it maybe for the one you want? Your photos look great though!

kitten91303 said...

AWWWW! I love the lil ducks! Great pics!

*Monica* said...

That totally stinks about your lens =( But I have to admit that those shots turned out great! The flowers are so cheery & the ducks are sooo cute. Even if they do leave you presents!