Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Gracie

Meet Gracie. I swear she was meant to be a human. This girl talks constantly. She hates it when I go to work in the morning. Each day, when I'm ready to leave, she runs me to the back room where she wants to play. It might be in the tunnel (she likes me to drag it around the room with her in it), or the mousie-pole. Or she might just throw herself on the ground in the sun and roll on her backside. It really doesn't matter what, she just wants me to be in the room with her. She has lots of little balls she likes to play with but they usually wind up under something; the bed, couch, dresser drawers, table, trunk, etc. Then she crouches in front of it meowing until we come and fetch it out for her. And if we don't, she tells us again later. She has a memory like an elephant. Sometimes I don't know if she was actually meant to be a dog, if not a human. She's my precious girl, and I love her just the same.


Suz said...

She's a real cutie

Laura K. Aiken said...

Sharon, I am enjoying your blog. So funny, I have a cat named Gracie (she is on my blog) http://www.laurakaiken.blogspot.com and my last beloved little girl (Kitty Kat)looked almost like your Gracie! DOn't cha just love them? Besto of days to you!

Janet said...

She's adorable! :-) She looks a lot like my Lily cat, except Lily doesn't have that cute bit of white around her nose!