Friday, February 20, 2009

Make a Vintage Style Collage Card

It doesn't take much to make a card. Recently, I was inspired to make a card vintage-style with this bird image. Actually, I cut it out of a calendar from 2008 (I couldn't wait for the year to end just so I could cut up the calendar with a year's worth of birds!). Then I started with a piece of cardstock that I sprayed with Tattered Angel's Glimmer Mist in Honey Dew. Next, I tore a piece of music sheet paper from a book I got at Barnes and Noble's on clearance for $1 a few years ago, just for this purpose. I've used this over and over since then. Then, I added some embellishments: a piece of lace, a paper flower, some pom pom ribbon, a strip of bling and a little butterfly sticker to finish it off. And voila!

So if that's all it takes, then why do we need so much stuff?! One of the funniest things I've heard is someone rationalizing that if they buy some basic supplies to make cards, they will spend less than if they purchased them. As anyone who has done this knows, each card will wind up costing about $19.99 by the time you get done buying all the yummy supplies! But that's okay, because it's just as important that we express our creativity. And as an added bonus, so many people appreciate receiving something handmade with love.


happydays525 said...

Very pretty card! Have fun blogging! =)

Cathy... said...

Your blog's looking great so far! I know what you mean-I think my handmade cards cost me about $59.99 each.