Monday, February 16, 2009

Is it Almost Spring?

I've been thinking about the flowers and plants I'm going to buy next month when spring arrives. One of the key purchases I must make is a tree of some sort for my front entrance. Each year, a pair of birds (robin red breasts?) come and make a nest. I had a tall jasmine tree that was perfect for them - the nest was hidden quite nicely. However, all plants had to be trimmed to the ground in 2007 due to a big project in my complex which included residing all the buildings. Luckily, the birds had already nested by the time I had to trim the tree. But last year, when the work was completed, I was left with a bare entryway. I bought a beautiful tea tree plant that looked very Victorian and sweet. And then the birds appeared! Even though this tree was much lower and not very bushy, they went ahead and built the nest. It was wonderful watching the parent birds each day as they would fly into the bushy top and attend to the speckled eggs.

Then one night, I heard a commotion outside and found the tree on the ground. Some babies were missing with some in the nest and one on the ground. I placed it back into the tree, set it back upright and bought chickenwire to place around the tree to ward off raccoons and any other critter that might be in the neighborhood. It was a joy to see those baby birds and we missed all the birds when it was time for them to fly away. All this to say I must go buy a tree for they will be expecting a home for their nest very soon. What are your plans for spring?

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